Division of Unemployment Insurance

Looking for information about Unemployment Insurance Claims? This section contains useful information for Employers and Claimants. Click on the Information menu on the left to reference the detailed information provided in our Employer and Claimant handbooks.

Unemployment Insurance Information Hotline:

New Castle County residents:
(302) 761-6576

Kent & Sussex County residents:
(800) 794-3032

File a New or Reopened Claim
You may choose to file your new or reopened claim for unemployment insurance benefits online instead of reporting to an unemployment insurance local office to file your claim. File Online

Waiting Period
A one week waiting period is now in effect for new claims. See the FAQ.

Identification Requirements
There are identification requirements when requesting unemployment insurance program services. See the ID requirements.

The Top 10 Things You Should Know About Filing A Claim for Unemployment Insurance Benefits
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File for your weekly unemployment insurance payment online. File online or File online using our mobile compatible version

Reporting Wages When Collecting Unemployment Insurance Benefits
Wages must be reported on your weekly pay authorization form or during your weekly call to "TeleBenefits". See the requirements for reporting wages and the penalties for not doing so.

Direct Deposit
The direct deposit of unemployment insurance benefits is available. Enroll in Direct Deposit

Debit Card
Debit card for unemployment insurance benefits is available. Enroll for a Debit Card

Self-Employment & Eligibility for Unemployment Insurance Benefits
If you are self-employed at the time you file an initial claim for unemployment insurance benefits or become self-employed while collecting unemployment insurance benefits, you must provide this information to the Division of Unemployment Insurance. See additional information on this subject.

Repayment of Overpayments
The ability to repay your UI overpayment online is now available. Make a Payment

Disaster Unemployment Assistance Information
Disaster Unemployment Assistance (DUA) is a federal program that provides unemployment benefits to qualified individuals whose employment or self-employment has been lost or interrupted as a direct result of a presidentially-declared major disaster. If the President of the United States declares a major disaster in the State of Delaware, public announcements will be made through the media, information will be released to the major newspapers in our area and updates will be posted on this site.

There are no current disaster declarations in Delaware at this time. If a disaster declaration is declared further information will be provided here.

Division of Unemployment Insurance Regulations
See the Document

The Top 5 Things An Employer Should Know About the Unemployment Insurance System
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Going Paperless...
New Employee Online Portal

Unemployment Insurance is now offering the convenience to file and pay quarterly taxes as well as register to receive employee separation information electronically through SIDES or SIDES E-Response, through our updated employer portal.

Benefits of the portal include:

  • Free of charge – Filing reports and receiving claim information is free of charge to employers and TPAs.
  • Secure - Our portal has multiple layers of security that are implemented to the highest standard to protect the sensitive data exchanged between the state unemployment insurance agency and employers and TPAs.
  • Reduce administrative costs – Our portal can reduce the volume of time-consuming follow-up phone calls, unnecessary appeals, postage costs, paper work and staff resources.
  • Save time – Our portal is electronic, eliminating delays related to paper mail delivery, reducing paper handling, and ensuring information requests are fully completed.

The portal is available at https://oes.delawareworks.com. If you have any questions about accessing the portal or SIDES or SIDES E-Response, please contact the division by email at DOL_UI_Employer_Tax_Questions@state.de.us.

A short informational video is available: SIDES Employer Messaging

Unemployment Insurance Fraud Hotline
If you are aware of someone fraudulently collecting unemployment insurance benefits, please call the Unemployment Insurance Fraud Hotline at (302) 761-8397 or (302) 761-8384. More Information »